RegHub is a consulting company that provides policies development and compliance services to corporations and start-ups that rely on information technology.

What We Do?

Privacy policy and terms of use

We’ll work with you to create and customize your privacy policy and terms of use and help you put them into action. Our services include:

  • Whether starting from scratch or editing what you have, we’ll help you write a privacy policy and terms of use that work for your business.
  • Creating an action plan to put policies into effect and ensure they’re followed.
  • We will assist your team in creating and maintaining a privacy-focused culture and upholding privacy procedures.

Research on-demand

Wouldn’t it be beneficial to learn more about the business environment of your investments or work? RegHub can assist you with just that:

  • Summarizing and analyzing public strategies for sectors we focus on.
  • We will analyze and assess your business’s new rules, regulations, and legislation.
  • Building regulatory risk assessments help you identify and manage risks associated with regulations, policies, and the legal environment.


RegHub will help your business to be compliant with regulations. Our services include:

  • Reviewing websites, applications, and digital services to see whether they comply with regulations and laws.
  • Prepare reports on what your business requires to adhere to regulatory standards.
  • Developing strategies and action plans that ensure compliance with regulations.


If you need legally binding contracts or agreements, RegHub can help you to create or review employment contracts, freelancers agreements, agreements between your business and clients, and agreements with third parties you work with.

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Who do we work with?

We provide our services to the following companies and start-ups:


Health Care

Financial technology

Digital Marketing

Software and web Development

Server Administration & Cloud

Who We Are?

RegHub is a consulting firm that provides various services for regulatory compliance to companies and startups working in information technology and communication. With a team of legal, technical, and research experts able to understand and identify regulatory issues and challenges businesses face, RegHub works to reduce the burden of complying with policies and regulations, to empower businesses to grow and innovate.

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